Feeding those affected by disasters.

2020 Brought a whole new meaning to that.

HotMeals USA is a Christian-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to feeding those affected by disasters, regardless of affiliation.

We now have two fully operational trailers ready to serve. One unit can produce up to 2,000 meals a day. The second unit can serve up to 4,000 meals a day. Our third cooking trailer is in production now. All units can operate without power and in any conditions.

From March through December of 2020, we have produced over 185,000 hot meals. Many of these were served to at risk and food challenged people during the pandemic. During this same time, we have helped pack and deliver 625 semis loaded with USDA food boxes. Our States served include Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. This has helped over 750,000 food challenged families have food during this pandemic.

We deployed to Iowa after the Derecho storm. Tama and Toledo had been without power for a week. We arrived and began to cook hot meals for them. They supplied the volunteers, we delivered over 18,000 hot meals in 4 days without power. Once the power came back, we packed up the cooking trailer and delivered USDA food boxes to restock their food supply. Food was delivered to Tama, Toledo, Marshalltown, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines.

destoryed homes

Our Mission

To provide equipment and people to feed others in times of disaster.

We will have the equipment and people to feed thousands, regardless of the conditions on the ground. Each mobile unit will have its own power, coolers, ovens and grills. We will provide real meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner - along with coffee, tea and ice cream. If you don’t think ice cream is important, you’ve never handed a child an ice cream cone and watched the reaction.

We turn victims into volunteers quickly.

Phase two of our operation is to hire local Serve Safe Certified cooks and chefs. People that lost their livelihood can now start to serve their neighbors. When neighbors see this, they too step up and start to help one another. This is truly how people recover from disasters. No outside government agency or group can fix a neighborhood; local people do that.

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Current Objectives

Our first-year and second-year goals have been met. We have begun to work on our third cooking trailer.

Initial Goals 1 Year

  • Fund a 24 foot quick-response trailer with its own generator and equipped to provide safe water and food to up to 2,000 people a day.
  • Build a partnership with Churches and Community Organizations to provide volunteers. (Already partnered with Salvation Army and Red Cross.)
  • When this unit is not deployed, use it as a fundraising and partnership-building tool.
  • Build a web site to inform people of the project, it will allow on line donations and have a registry for cooks and chefs to sign up by state and county.

Midterm Goals 2 Years

  • Build a second trailer as well as two smaller units to help in times of smaller scale disasters like floods, fires and tornados. The smaller units could deploy immediately with a two-person crew to handle the food. Support units for staff.
  • Build a base of operations for cleanup of units as well as repairs. Each unit will need to be made road ready for the next deployment.
  • All units would be kept in the mid Nebraska area.

Third Year Goals

  • To finish trailer three, this unit will serve up to 8,000 hot meals daily.
  • To place trailer two in the Eastern Iowa area to expand our reach into Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Missouri.
  • Begin to build cooking trailer four.

Long Term Goals

  • Build and deploy 11 cooking trailers. We will place these trailers in different locations around the country to give us coverage of the lower 48 states. Response time should be within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly will this trailer and your people do?

The trailer is loaded with equipment, to provide trained Serve Safe Certified cooks and chefs. The ability to produce 10,000 meals a day.

Why Nebraska?

Nebraska is centrally located with interstate highways we can deploy anywhere within 36 hours. Also in our history we’ve never had a hurricane in the state.